Our mission

We cherish the relationships we nurture with clients and thrive on creating beautiful and functional spaces for every unique personality that walks through our doors. We provide exceptional and complete design services to clients who desire unique, well thought-out interior spaces for their homes and small offices.

Our experience, expertise, and professionalism allow us to consistently complete each project on time, on budget, with exceptional results. We are motivated by a desire to reflect our client’s unique tastes and lifestyles into functional designs. Our team is committed to bringing your dreams to life, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Design Process

Our design process has been developed over years of working with clients, and we know how important it is to streamline the process. We understand that every project is just as unique as you are, and that’s why it’s important to us to be flexible and consider your needs above all else. We want the result to be successful and exceed your expectations, so we believe in planning for success from the very beginning.


Consultation with Michele Dunker + Team

Our initial consultation is a very important first step. Michele and the team will take the time to get to know you, understand your lifestyle, your needs, your desires, your style, your vision and your goals. We also take the time to brainstorm how we will resolve the challenges you may be experiencing with your current space and explain the value that we bring to your project.

The consultation is also a work session where we determine project scope, project timeline, project budget and assess feasibility. We provide ideas and guidance for your project and an overview of what you can expect during the design process – how we’ll proceed with each step of the project and maintain communication with you going forward.


Fee Proposal + Design Agreement

After a detailed assessment of your needs and careful consideration of the time and resources needed, we’ll prepare a detailed Design Fee Estimate Proposal and Agreement for your review. This document details the scope of work for the entire project, our design intent and goals, the estimated design fee, the payment terms, the estimated timeline, and the terms and conditions.

Once the Fee Estimate Proposal And Agreement is approved and initial advance on our design fee received, our team will start the beginning steps of your project.


Site Measurements + Planning

We know that a thorough site assessment is critical to a successful outcome. Being able to picture and imagine the finished space is one of our super powers, even if it’s currently a blank slate. During the site measurement and planning step, we’ll carefully assess and keep track of the conditions of the existing space, take accurate measurements, and shoot photographs for reference. 

We’ve developed a list of resources that can simplify the process for hiring trades people to help you complete your project. This resource lists includes a list of suggested contractors that you can contact, general questions we suggest you ask each trade, and specific questions depending on their area of expertise. We also invite you to bring your contractors to our planning meeting to discuss feasibility of initial concepts and ideas.


Concept Development + Sourcing + Estimates

During this stage of the design process, the initial concepts we discussed with you at the consultation are developed into a full design plan. This is where we draw on our years of experience and valuable resources that will help us find answers to your needs and solve the challenges and limitations of the space.

We develop the initial design concepts through a thorough plan review, creating 2D and 3D renderings, sketches, elevations, and color schemes. We will also take this time to source all materials, fixtures and furnishings.


Budget + Presentation + Revision

We’re so excited when we get to present our plans to our clients! We’ll meet with you to go over the details of your custom design plan, which will include all floor plans, elevations, renderings, color scheme, digital presentation boards, fabric and wallpaper samples, other finish material samples, furniture selections and budget breakdown.

We believe that this is the opportunity to show you the full potential of your space, and the best option that we believe will address your needs and desires. We will not overwhelm you with several options. We bring the one option that will work for you because we’ve taken the time to listen. Once we’ve reviewed the plan together, we welcome the opportunity to build collaboration between client and designer to address all of your wants and needs.


Project Management + Construction Oversight

This is when we get to implement our agreed-upon role in any construction or renovation oversight included in your project. This usually means that we are meeting with the builders, vendors, fabricators, and contractors you hired, and making site visits to ensure that our plans are being carried out according to our specifications.

In this step we also manage the procurement of all the furnishings and decor products, track and manage all orders, assess lead times, note any back-orders or discontinued items that may delay the project. We know your time is valuable, so we’ll make sure that our projected timeline is adhered to as best as we can.


Furniture Installation + Styling

We handle all the fabrication and production of any custom furnishings, all the installations of custom window treatments, as well as receiving of furnishings and taking care of all the quality checks involved. All furnishings that we ordered are received at our warehouse, inspected for damages, tagged and stored for the big installation day. 

When installation day comes, we’re excited to place and style your furnishings for a beautiful and inspiring finish. Installation is typically done in one day or two days.


Project Reveal + Walkthrough + Photography

The final finishing phase of our design process is where your home gets the chance to show your style and personality. We’ll walk through the finished space and point out all the features and benefits of each item, discuss how to care for each piece, and mention any warranties available.

The final walk through is where you get the chance to point out any deficiencies observed – Items like a small splash of paint on the floor or a small rip on a pillow etc. Items that could have easily been missed during the exciting moment of the reveal. We’re committed to making sure each piece is installed and styles for a beautiful and inspiring finish, with the goal of leaving your home like the magazine-worthy space you dreamed of.

After the project reveal, we’ll meet with you to discuss any feedback you have about the project, as well as any deficiencies that need to be resolved. We will also discuss a convenient day for us to schedule a professional photographer to shoot pictures of the project. If we intend to have these pictures published in a local or national publication, we will discuss that with you as well.

We cherish the relationships we nurture with clients and thrive on creating beautiful and functional spaces for every unique personality that walks through our doors. We will be there with you every step of the way, from initial design to construction, to finding the perfect accessory for any room. Call and let us create your dream home today. We look forward to meeting you!