Notes From Our Clients

Michele Dunker and her team are amazing to work with and her years of  experience are reflected in the creative ideas and high-end design she provides to her clients.  Every room she touches reflects great vision and detail as she blends colors and textures with comfort & functionality without compromising on style! Her use of lighting, fabrics, furniture, and art brings it to another level.  It is fun to watch a room come together and it is exactly what we were looking for.  She continues to impress with her knowledge and is very easy to work with.  I would highly recommend her as she listens to her clients, goes above and beyond, and brings a lot of style and design to the project!


Michele is the best in the business. She always has great ideas that blow my mind. She has a positive attitude and can come up with a solution to an almost impossible situation. My family and I have used her services many times and will continue to do so. Very highly recommend her!


I have been working with Michele for several  years. Projects have included a major remodel to small edits of rooms with accessories that make things look new again. Her design ideas are always on trend and helps me take ideas to the next level. I would highly recommend Michele and her team!


I have worked with Michele on numerous projects and 4 houses over the past 20 years. I truly love working with Michele. She is so much fun! It is always great just to spend time with her. She is always excited about the projects we are doing and does her work with a lot of enthusiasm. Her love of design is contagious and makes the process that much more enjoyable. I have such beautiful pieces of furniture I have collected over the years. They are as beautiful to me now as they were when I first got them. She helps me make good investments that will last the test of time. 


She has always helped me create a home that is not only beautiful but also very functional. The layout and the pieces she helps me choose always have a purpose and function and every room makes sense. Working with Michele has probably saved me tons of money by not making mistakes. All her designs are well thought out for size, scale, purpose, and beauty. She is exceptional!


Michele is one of the top designers in her industry.  She is extremely creative and able to incorporate her ideas and concepts to any situation. Her designs not only bring out the “WOW” factor in appearance but they are extremely functional. She works closely with contractors to create the most attractive, functional and  cost-efficient solutions. She listens to suggestions and fully vets any and all ideas. As a team player with the client, contractor and architects she is able to satisfy everyone’s needs. She takes pride in her work and wants the outcome to represent her best work. She works long and hard to meet deadlines and deliver a high quality product on a timely a basis.

She has developed a strong team of employees who work together to satisfy the needs of the clients. Michele stays on top of the latest trends and is very creative in making sure any design has the latest product offerings. It has been a pleasure working with Michele from the beginning stages of designing our home and we are loving the finished product!


Building a home is one of the most stressful ventures one can ever take on! As Nate and I decided we were going to build…we knew we wanted to do it right, meaning without regrets and the “we wish we would have done this” statements afterwards!! We have known Michele for years and have loved and admired her projects!! Her style is classy and unique… everything she does stands out! She was born to design and organize the entire building process! She is a master!!

When we first sat down to start our plans, Michele revamped and redirected what we thought we wanted…she was very considerate of our budget and talked us through priorities in our home…we nick named her the “captain”!  I love that Michele helped make our home unique to us…Having English roots..we incorporated this into the design style and features of our home. Michele’s staff is awesome and always willing to help..and help we needed almost daily!!  We had weekly mtgs prior to our dig date, the mtgs were organized and each week we had a different task to tackle..sometimes our mtgs ran long because Michele is super personable and super fun to talk life with!! Needless to say…I love her!! I will forever be grateful for all she did for us during our project and still to date she continues to help, guide, and direct the development of our home!! Its a never ending process that Michele is always there to help do in a way that is timeless!! She basically is the BOMB!! 


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